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My "backup" coverletter to a company I want to work for.

To those with the power of Hiring and Firing,

I come verily unto thee upon hand and foot, a tortured soul from the pits of hell known as Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve come to plea my case before St. Peter: “Have I suffered enough? May I enter heaven and sooth my tormented soul?”

Six years ago I made a pact with the devil within me. Four years of suffering to achieve happiness for the rest of my life. But the devil never plays fair. Four years stretched into six and my very being began to change under the torment I subjected myself to.

I became disillusioned with the machinery underpinning our society. Corporations, mindless behemoths of money and madness which require their employees to attend it like ants in a colony. This could not possibly hold the happiness I had desired.

Each year the suffering became worse than the one before and each year I wanted less to be a cog. It was in the height of my suffering, my fifth year, that I became aware of Nathaniel and Aaron’s plan to break free of hell for a summer and see what lies beyond.

While I toiled on the Spiral project, my friends had escaped and found paradise. A company, your company, that was laid back and appreciated the sanity of its employees. While I labored alone my friends could feed off each other’s creativity.

Now they have returned and their experience inspires me and gives me hope. There are good environments out there, ones which will allow me to foster my creativity and explore my skill sets. In particular, there is your company.

All I ask is a chance, 2-3 months to prove myself. I am a critical thinker and can learn fast in the right environment. I work best when there are people around me that I can consult for advice and help over conceptual hurdles. I hope to find this there.


Edward Wertz
Tormented Soul #38476
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