BrainSpew (brainspew) wrote,

This journal has become pointless.

Updating with a recap of events in one's day is a waste of time, atleast it is a waste of my time. Most of it is very meaningless. Everyone has some sort of pidling they do. But all this has journal has turned into is a dump for ideas. I don't write specifically for this journal. This isn't my mouthpiece to the world. But I will take interesting things I've done elsewhere and put them here.

I'm tired of saying the word meme. I've been spreading it around like a good little imatomaton. (coined just now by yours truly, a mesh of automaton and imitation.) I don't want to spread around the gibber jabber that most people do. What little daily activities I have in my life are pretty much meaningless unless I am trying to describe my behaviour.

But no one is really trying to describe their own behaviour when they write into their online journals. They think there is some audience out there that really cares about what they have to say, cares about the little daily events that go on in someone's life. Its a bunch of mularky.

Journals are not for communicating to others. They are for communicating with yourself. They are a scrap book of what you deem important. The problem with online journals where others can see, and even worse, respond, is that it perpetuates superficiality. You're no longer trying to be yourself. You're trying to be entertaining to the masses of observers. You're trying to communicate through a paradigm that wasn't meant to communicate to anyone.

There is no therapuetic (sp?) release in online journalling. If anything it raises the tension because you know someone else could see what you've written and respond to it. Whereas you might atleast have had a chance with being honest to yourself in your own personal and private journal, there is no chance of it on here. Even as I write this, its more a message to any passer by, and those few people that have added me as friends. I post infrequently because I have nothing of real importance to say. Every now and then I find some of my spewing to be interesting and I mirror it here for the passerby 5 years down the road and for myself when I decide to troll through all this garbage again.

Heh, my main reason for making this update was to give a link to a forum I created: I have a desire to find a group of people that I get along well with, that share the same ideas and memes with me. This forum is for people to talk about culture and society, how they would live their lives if they could change their environment. Its not very big now, just needs more people interested in it. My hope is that I will find a nontrivial amount of people that I am compatible with so that we can congregate together and exchange ideas. All input is welcome.

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