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This journal is now alive. Or at least I'm giving myself the freedom to post in it again ;). I think I'm bored and want to contact people. Just took down a profile on the internet singles site. Just wasn't working out for me and I'm really just looking to meet new people.
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Well, you can't get rid of me, because I am still here.
you commented on my lj...thank you for that, I liked what you said...had to read it a few times, but I like it. U live in Nashua??
Yeah, I need to work on speaking clearly, but then its also hard to speak about the answer to life universe and everything. If it were easy, everyone would have it mastered right now. :)

I live in Nashua, NH. And work in Hollis for a startup. Moved here a year ago from Pittsburgh where I went to school.

Did you just start university? Your journal says you still live in Nashua, but you're talking about classes at North Eastern. You certainly pack a lot of events and happenings into a single journal entry. Though I suppose I have no room to talk because my journal entries have been pretty long as well.
Yep, I am in my first year at Northeastern in Boston MA. I'm doing the architecture thing for now, it's sooo hard and time consuming but so far it's fun. I love it here, there's so much snow! I think Boston actually got more than NH for once. But anyway, back home I live in South Nashua ex. 4 area, kinda miss it every once in a while. Ah well, I think I'll add you as a friend if that's cool. You seem cool. Ames
We've been exchanging posts for a few days now, and it hit did you come across my LJ?
Probably more freak chance than anything. I was searching the LJs that had Nashua listed as an interest. I live in Nashua, NH. Your journal has Nashua listed and I didn't realise until now that you live in NC not NH. :)

I'm a new person. I'll introduce myself, i'm cecily, cecily demented.
Hail to the demented one. This a drive by introduction?

The contents of your journal are rather... interesting.