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Mind and thought are pure reasoning devices. Descarte, when he stated "I think therefore I am", made the biggest mistake in the history of academic integrity and western thought has been paying the price ever since. There is consciousness without thought and there is self awareness without thought. "I am" needs no antecedent justification to conclude it. "I am" is self evident. Without "I am" there can be no thoughts, no awareness, no anything. I'm not talking about the thought, "I am", I am talking about the experience of "I am".

The mind and thinking in general functions in two ways: problem solving or mindless chatter (ignore poetry for the time being, I actually lump that into problem solving). Memes are the mindless chatter. And to someone who is entrenched in the memetic whirlpool, the enlightened appear to be susceptible to memes as well. Someone is highly susceptible to memes when they do not have a strong sense of Self. No, I will not define Self.

Here is the problem with defining terms before using them: It no longer allows room for growth in understanding. How did you learn your language? If you're like me you learned it through your ability to imitate other sounds and through Self Awareness. Let me explain. I'm going to assume you are further like me and that your thought processes are aural.

Your mother taught you the word dog by showing you what a dog was and uttering the word at the same time. You experienced both the aural sensation and the experience of viewing the dog. Your mother did not define the term dog for you in terms of other terms: "Its like a cat with a longer nose and a squarer body". This process of defining terms in terms of other terms is just pushing back the issue. The Fact of the matter is that we learned our first terms through experience. Thought is a cyclical process in the mind. Thought begets thought.

Developing language requires Self Awareness, the aural sound and the experience are present in consciousness at the same time. Through repetition and through the process of abstraction the aural sound within our heads takes precedence over our experience. We are very much an associative map whose relations get refined more and more through a process of abstraction. And so the thought DOG becomes more powerful and more real than each individual experience of all the different dogs. The thought DOG points to the essence of DOGness which each dog posesses.

In the beginning there was God. And God spoke the Word. And the Word took on its own life and God was forgotten. Language at first was very tied to concrete experience. But as language grew, and as man evolved, the ability to compare and contrast things lead to abstraction, thought became prominent in man's consciousness. Thought begets thought and so thinking shadows the rest of the conscious experience. We are very much a nueral network in that the more something is experienced the more it sticks around. And so the thought is more "real" than what the thought points to. The associative nueral network creates a chain reaction of thought.

This is the mind's rise to power and the birth of man's ego. With language and thought came the ability to predict. One man creates a model from his own experience and passes the model on to other men who do not have the experience that led up to the creation of the model. The model is a thought structure. A model with no experience to back it up is a meme. And behold the relative truth of the model aided in man's survival but the meaning and experience that led to the model's creation was not transferred by the model from one man into the next.

Man is now a meme machine, passing models around purely for utility sake. And in this void of Meaning, Pleasure and Pain were found. Those models which had no meaning, but evoked sensual pleasure became viral. Man now believes the purpose of the model is to provide and maximize pleasure. Pleasure is the only reality man knows now. But with pleasure comes pain, the absence of pleasure. And thus suffering was found. And the pleasure became Good and the pain became Evil. Once Adam gains the knowledge of Good and Evil (more like once he's hypnotized by its rhythm cycles) he has become separated from God (Meaning) and loses his way.

Fast forward years of cultural evolution. The models are refined, the pleasure pain cycle roots itself as the motivation for existence. Man's world is full of thoughts and theories. The purpose of thought is models. The purpose of modelling is control. The purpose of control is to avoid pain and maximize pleasure. Pain and Pleasure exist only in the absence of Meaning. More often than not, pleasure is a zero sum game because it is tied to the consumption of resources. And one man's pleasure, if anything, induces pain in another.

I have no faith in Man's egotistical inclinations. Objectivism is the ultimate worship of Man's Ego. Objectivism is a cutthroat society, one that ravishes the world and consumes its resources for profit. Ayn Rand had faith in man's Ego, but since man is finite he gives little pause to think about others and about the state of the world in the future. Its about immediate gratification, a maximization of acquisition because acquiring, possessing, mastering, dominating, all of this, yeilds pleasure. One man's pleasure is another man's pain. Men and women are different and want different things from each other and so they cause each other pain in their trying to gain pleasure.

But I have gone far astray from where I started. I began with the developement of language and its birth at the dawn of man. Every child goes through the same learning process; they are brought through 2000 years of evolution in language and culture in 12 years. They are forced into memorizing models because they have not the experience to give them meaning. And there are now models which never had a birth from true Meaning to begin with.

But what is this Meaning? It is the whole of experience. It is that which gives birth to words, which allows a child to learn language. And there are a few people out there who have stumbled upon true Meaning. All you have to do is figure out how you got here from when you were a child. Pleasure and Pain are an illusion, they are not real. Concepts are not real, not without their alignment with experience. There is a kind of enantiodromia (google it) that occurs through the process of abstraction. From perception, abstraction creates the concept. From conception, abstraction create platonic form. And from platonic form you begin to become more aware of yourself again on a wholistic conscious level.

Where am I going with this? It took all of your consciousness to learn language. We wonder why the language learning ability stops at a certain age. It's not because the teenage mind looses plasticity, its because the teenage mind becomes hypnotized with the words and looses awareness of the rest of his conscious experience. Maybe that is a hormonal process, I don't know. But I do know that there is no real learning without going back once more to the whole of consciousness and checking the entire experience.

If I am going to introduce a new concept, there are three ways I can go about it. I can define it statically, I can use it in a context, or I can give you instructions on how to create the experience of it. If the concept postulates something completely new, defining it statically will never work. Using it in a context will only work if the person is able to evaluate the usage in a wholistic manner. And giving instructions for an experience also presumes a Self awareness that will be able to recognize the key qualities that are part of the concept.

Requiring static definition is a defence tactic by the Ego. The Ego is very much alive. It fights for survival and is afraid to die. And while man is identified with his Ego, He too is afraid to die. The ego emerged in the absence of Meaning, the wholistic awareness of consciousness. The ego exists as a thought pattern combined with the need to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Think about it. How did you learn language? How much intelligence, intuition and power does a child have while growing up? What if this power and intelligence is still there to be tapped into? The ego is hiding it, thinking it will lose itself and die. It is ironic. The Ego prides itself about how smart it is, all the while keeping man separate from his true source of intelligence.

Math and Language are Necessary. The man who first made a model created it through Meaning. He used Language as a tool to analyze his own experience and extrapolated from it predictions. Man's language now is polluted with empty memes that are catchy, but meaningless. They are based on utility. But this utility is an illusiory one. The real utility of language comes from when a man starts from a meaningful state and then uses language to take him to another more meaningful state. Predicate logic is a property carrying tool. The conclusions have the same properties as the premises. If man wants to use Logic for its real purpose, he must first purify his language to that which is Meaningful. And then his reasoning will maintain Meaningful conclusions. But since man starts with empty memes and empty models, his conclusions are even more empty because they are that much further from the Truth.

It is my thesis that the man who is more in tune with his complete awareness and has his mind as a tool is infinitely more capable intellectually than a man who is hypnotized by the power of the mind and yet ignores the source of his intuition and capacity to learn new things. To get to the first state, the ego must die, the mind must be stopped from its cyclical recursion.

To kill the ego, focus on the here and now. You do not need to make assumptions about the world. Feel your experience of the world, do not be hypnotized by concepts. Surrender your belief that you are in control, that you can even be in control. Be completely honest with yourself in all things. Become aware of your presence and the presence of others. Do not fear your emotions, but let them be expressed. Know the difference between knowing and believing. Be aware of your own language usage, notice when you are compelled to use the phrase "I believe" or "I think", that is your soul making you honest. Be constantly aware of how things are different and how they are the same. You are the only source of your own understanding. You are the only source of your own Truth. You are God, because any God as an object of your awareness is by definition less than yourself. You are Nothing. You are the Space that gives definition to all things. Actions happen without you needing to make them happen. Living Life is Effortless. Just Be.

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